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by M Wilce
2011.10.20 04:01
Forum: Rigid Body Modelling
Topic: Coral P2 Symmetry contacts
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Coral P2 Symmetry contacts

Is it possible to include contacts between symmetry related molecules in CORAL in the same manner as is possible in SASREF?
by M Wilce
2011.03.22 15:16
Forum: Ab Initio Shape Determination
Topic: Monsa protein RNA complex
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Monsa protein RNA complex

I have scattering data for a protein RNA complex - where the protein component is made up of a homodimer, data for one monomer of the protein and for the RNA alone. Could I please get some advice on how to set up a Monsa run either via the web-server or on my own machine with this data? I am have tr...
by M Wilce
2010.03.02 04:45
Forum: Primary Data Processing
Topic: Can this Pr plot be real?
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Can this Pr plot be real?

Dear Colleagues, I recently collected SAXS data for a large protein/DNA complex. I have attached the scattering curve and the Pr plot. The Guinier plot gives an Rg consistent with the one from the Pr plot. I have not seen a Pr plot similar to the one I get from this data and wonder whether the two p...
by M Wilce
2010.01.29 04:26
Forum: SAS Hardware/Instrumentation
Topic: Detectors
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I am in the process of selecting a SAXS instrument to purchase and I have a question regarding the Anton-Paar SAXSess instrument (I have decided not to include the WAXS option.) I have been told that I have the choice of one of three detectors: IP, CCD or silico diode array. Do any of you have any a...