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by shoma
2018.12.03 18:51
Forum: Primary Data Processing
Topic: Different Rg
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Different Rg

Hi all, Sorry for the stupid question - I am confused by the different Rg in output files, not sure which Rg represents what. Quick reading of the documentation did not help. What I want is: 1) Radius of gyration from the atomic structure WITHOUT hydration water (Rg in vacuum) - is this "Electron Rg...
by shoma
2017.05.04 10:27
Forum: Primary Data Processing
Topic: Smoothing experimental SAXS/SANS curves
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Smoothing experimental SAXS/SANS curves

Dear all,

does ATSAS package provide a tool to smooth the noisy experimental SAXS/SANS curve, (taking into account Shannon theorem and calculating running averages, or so)? Does it also provide calculation of realistic error bars?

Thank you in advance!