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by dapereir
2019.01.03 13:59
Forum: Feedback
Topic: ATSAS online access
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ATSAS online access

Hello, I have been trying to reset my password from ATSAS online ( to submit my jobs, but I do not receive any email to reset the password to regain access to may account. Indeed I have checked my spam folder, and also have tried to create a new account using a different email, but n...
by dapereir
2018.06.14 18:13
Forum: Primary Data Processing
Topic: Data extrapolation required?
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Data extrapolation required?

Hello, I am comparing the same protein (2 domains+linker) with point mutations. I measure at batch mode using >6 concentrations collected from SEC performed previously, and protein behaves well (I mean no obvious aggregation and is surely monomeric). I want to verify whether these mutations extend t...