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by LFRodrigues
2019.12.12 20:49
Forum: Primary data processing
Topic: Automated MW calculations
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Automated MW calculations

Hi! I have two questions about the Molecular Weight button in ATSAS: - As far as I understood it uses the I(0) value from Guinier analysis, right? But what if I want to use the I(0) calculated from the p(r) function? Is there a way of doing this? - I still don't understand how to calculate the MW us...
by LFRodrigues
2019.10.01 17:08
Forum: Model evaluation and manipulation
Topic: Tip for Damaver Error: opening amplitudes file
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Tip for Damaver Error: opening amplitudes file

Hi! First of all, thanks a lot for the ATSAS suite, it's my main tool to work with my SAXS measurements. I've been having problems when running the DAMAVER suite. I've tried on the automatic interface with DAMMIF in primusqt, in automatic mode on terminal and also trying to run DAMSEL separately. Wh...