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by han yin
2019.11.13 23:31
Forum: ATSAS Package in General
Topic: ATSAS 3.0 damaver error
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Re: ATSAS 3.0 damaver error

I can confirm that i have encountered the exact same error when running DAMMIF from PRIMUS with ATSAS 3.0.0 I have tried to install 3.0.0 on different drives after a clean uninstall/install protocol. I have followed the PATH variable set up on this page here
by han yin
2019.10.29 16:53
Forum: SAXS & SANS Software
Topic: Running Dammin from Scatter
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Re: Running Dammin from Scatter


I also have this issue where scatter fails to call DAMMIF/DAMMIN from it's interface.

I've noticed theres a reverse dash on the location call of dammin from Atsas\bin where DAMMIN/F COMMAND C:\Program Files (x86)\ATSAS 3.0.0\bin/dammin.exe

Could this be a bug with Scatter?
by han yin
2019.10.11 13:34
Forum: SAXS & SANS Software
Topic: SCATTER program file format
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SCATTER program file format

Greetings I am fairly new to the SCATTER-biosis program and i have been struggling to load some data files. On the website they said the program accept dat files, however i can only load dat files generated from Diamond Light Source institute. I have some dat files from Anton Paar's instrument and n...