Discrepance between EOM and Crysol model dimentions

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Discrepance between EOM and Crysol model dimentions

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I'm using EOM to model a homodimeric protein with two intrinsic disordered regions. The models generated from EOM were apparently bigger than the dimensions o Rg and Dmax provided by the general algorithm. So, I used Crysol to simulate the scattering of the models generated by the EOM software and noticed a discrepancy between the values of Rg and Dmax obtained using the two softwares.
I also used the HYDROPRO software to compute the hydrodynamic properties of rigid macromolecules from their structure and the values obtained were in better concordance with the Crysol results.
Does EOM and Crysol programs uses different methodologies to calculate these structural parameters? Are the parameters obtained from the EOM reliable?
I'm using the latest version of ATSAS package.

Thanks in advance,

César A. Gandin.

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