EOM unknown error

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EOM unknown error

#1 Post by Adlen » 2017.04.18 09:42

Hello, i hope this subject is in the good part. I'm beginner with Eom and i use this version eom, ATSAS 2.8.0 (r8972).
I try to run eom for a dimer input files but when i launch the program this error appear :
"At line 805 of file /home/atsas/release/2.8.0/src/atsas/eom/ranch_file_interface.f90
Fortran runtime error: End of file"

I don't really understand why and i didn't find a solution on other topics.
Maybe someone can orient me for a solution or/and give me some explanations :wink:

Thanks a lot.

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Re: EOM unknown error

#2 Post by AL » 2017.05.15 12:08

Hi Adlen,

thank you for reporting this. Most probably something is wrong with your input and EOM should provide a more friendly error message. Could you please describe the options you've used and either post the input files and the log file here or send them to atsas[at]embl-hamburg.de. This way the ATSAS Team can reproduce the issue and eventually fix it.

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