BUNCH segmentation fault

Linear (OLIGOMER), and non-linear (MIXTURE) analysis, singular value decomposition (SVDPLOT), addition of missing fragments (BUNCH, CORAL), analysis of flexible systems (EOM/RANCH & GAJOE), flexible refinement of high-resolution models (SREFLEX)
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BUNCH segmentation fault

#1 Post by 1o618033 » 2011.02.23 19:35

I received a segmentation fault using BUNCH08 just after the DR formfactor multiplier was set to default value = 1 in both expert and user modes. Previous to the DR formfactor... I had some segmentation faults that were resolved after curating my input files for BUNCH set-up (removed water, ligands, etc.). Each of these faults were easily identified as the fault problem was listed in the terminal window, but the DR formfactor fault does not mention what might be wrong.

I sincerely appreciate any assistance in advance.


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