hexamer making dimers SASREFMX

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hexamer making dimers SASREFMX

#1 Post by gia75 » 2015.01.08 18:39

Hi All,

I have an hexameric protein (symmetry P32, crystal structure known) that is forming a small percentage of dodecamers, probably trough an S-S bond beetween two hexamers.
I would like to model it using SASREFMX, is it possible?
I would like to input the crystal structure (hexamer) and let the program calculate the percentage of dodecamer (symmetry P1).
Can someone please advise me how to parametrise this thing ?

Thank you,


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Re: hexamer making dimers SASREFMX

#2 Post by AL » 2015.01.09 18:07

Go to SASREF online
Step 1
  • Experimental data: SAXS only, equilibrium mixture
    Number of curves: 1
    Number of subunits: 1
    Overall symmetry: P2
Step 2
  • Curve 1 - choose file: your experimental SAXS data; symmetry: P2
    dissociation products symmetry: P1
    Subunit 1 - choose file: your hexamer model; symmetry: P2

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