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GAJOE 2.1 Output Files

Posted: 2015.04.21 00:05
by alava

I am using GAJOE 2.1 (from ATSAS 2.6.0) on an external pool. The manual on the embl-hamburg website is still for GAJOE 2.0, and 2.1 has new output files. Could anyone explain what the new output files are?

Thanks in advance,

Re: GAJOE 2.1 Output Files

Posted: 2015.08.05 04:14
by Hayds
Hi Abhi,

the output files include for example:

CaCa_distr_001_1.dat --> distribution of end to end distances
Size_distr_001_1.dat --> ensemble size (Dmax) distribution
pdbs --> conformations in the selected ensemble
statistics_flexibility.svg --> a vector graphic summarising the flexibility metrics (Rflex, Rsigma)
Rg_distr_001_1.dat --> ensemble size (Rg) distribution
logFile_001_1.log --> log file --> fit of the selected ensemble to the experimental data

Hope it helps,