Constant subtracted by GAJOE

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Constant subtracted by GAJOE

#1 Post by dolcain85 » 2017.09.17 22:42

Hi All,

I have a question I really need to find an answer to. It pertains to the constant that GAJOE subtracts from the input data.

For example, the Log file for the data below says the constant subtracted is -0.002. However, when I analyze the data in the .fit file, it's clear that the difference between the actual data and constant-subtracted data is not -0.002 (in this case the difference is actually -0.0067). Can anyone please explain this discrepancy? I really need to know where this shift of -0.0067 comes from.

In the attached plot, blue is the actual data, red is constant-subtracted data, and black is the theoretical fit from the GAJOE ensemble.

Thanks very much,

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