a question about the sreflex

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a question about the sreflex

#1 Post by frankhaha » 2017.10.30 07:45

Dear administrator,

Hello,this is a user of the sreflex and I research the complex about protein and DNA by sreflex.I have two questions about this soft.
1.Now I write the structure information above (DNA protein)in one and the same pdb,then usethe sreflex.(the command -sreflex -experiment.dat -complex.pdb). I'm wondering whether I can just respectively input two pdb,then use the sreflex.(the command -sreflex -experiment.dat -DNA.pdb -Protein.pdb).I find it can't work now.

2.When I use the sreflex.For the output pdb about the complex, I find the DNA will be two parts. I wonder whether can remain the DNA structure as the initial condition.

Best wishes,

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Re: a question about the sreflex

#2 Post by sasha » 2017.11.01 15:25

Dear Frank,

Thanks for your question.
To input different parts of the structure in different PDBs, just type as stated in the manual:
sreflex experimental.dat Dna.pdb,Protein.pdb
This syntax overrides the partitioning of the structure, so DNA and Protein will be kept intact and only moved relatively to each other.
Note: both PDB filenames are separated by a comma (no whitespace).

Alternatively, you can use the following to deactivate the RESTRAINED refinement stage (which is where the structure partition occurs).
sreflex experimental.dat complex.pdb -s RESTRAINED

This is explained in the manual as well, available at:
https://www.embl-hamburg.de/biosaxs/man ... eflex.html



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