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EOM input bug (shell version)?

Posted: 2017.11.01 12:51
by Nyshae
Hi all,

I like to use the shell version of EOM because it's telling me about the problems right away... However, there seem to have a bug (or I'm really dumb)...

My setup: Mac OS Sierra, finnish keyboard (qwerty with extra letters), ATSAS 2.8.2 version

My problem: at this line of input: Contacts file name, define distance constraints/contacts between subunits (CR for none), I want to skip it in certain cases and the "enter" tab doesn't work (its say "error, cannot read file"). What is weird is that in the previous questions with a "CR for none" option, it did work!
Any idea?


Re: EOM input bug (shell version)?

Posted: 2017.11.02 15:49
by SaxsMax
Could it be that your construct contains multiple chains
and neither of the input PDB files is a multimer?

In such a case eom requires that a contacts file is provided

Re: EOM input bug (shell version)?

Posted: 2017.11.06 11:28
by Nyshae
Yes, it is the case. I didn't realize it would be a problem, thanks for the input!