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Help with EOM

Posted: 2018.04.06 17:31
by RBelen
Hi All!
We have constructed 2 and 3 domains acyl carrier proteins using a small linker peptide and collected SAXS data recently. We used EOM to generate models of the proteins. However when we used PC1 symmetry the chi square is apparently to high (chi=xxx) and the generated model does not fit the data. Based on the Pr functions (see attachment) we assume that the proteins are dimers. However when we run EOM with PC2 symmetry, we are asked to enter contacts file name. What should we do if we don’t know that information. The domains are the same in the 2 domain a 3 domain constructs and we used the pdb (1t8k) of one domain. This is the first time using EOM, sorry for the ignorance….