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EOM alpha Helices swapping

Posted: 2018.11.07 13:53
by jmarie
I obtained pretty good SAXS data on a monomeric protein which contains 6 a-helices bundle .
The crystal structure of this monomeric form is known but doesn’t fit with my SAXS data using Crysol. It is certainly due to a very high flexibility of my protein.
From the N-term to the C-term there are 6 a-helices A B C D E F
But there are packed into two different domains of three helices as follow see figure:
1/ helix bundle A-D-E
2/ helix bundle B-C-F
So I want to see if the two domains can move from each others ie ADE can move from BCF.
The fact that the two domains are not linear according to the sequence makes EOM confused.
I was wondering if anybody could help me to generate this 2 domains with EOM in order to get an idea of the flexibility of my protein.
Thanks in advance