CRYSOL online error

Calculation of SAXS and SANS profiles (CRYSOL, CRYSON), superposition of models (SUPCOMB, DAMAVER, DAMCLUST), database DARA
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CRYSOL online error

#1 Post by ankimble » 2016.08.30 20:52

I used CRYSOL online and got the output files but I can't locate the error on the Rg calculations. Where should I be looking for this?

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Re: error on the Rg calculations

#2 Post by AL » 2016.08.31 13:28

I assume you've used CRYSOL without fitting experimental data. In this case Rg is computed analytically from the model, there is no experimental error. You may compare "Rg ( Atoms - Excluded volume + Shell )" with "Rg from the slope of net intensity" to get an idea how precise these values are. You find these values in the log file.

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