Illegal characters in file names - primus

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Illegal characters in file names - primus

#1 Post by emki » 2017.02.01 10:04

Dear all,

I am not sure if this is a bug or just an inconvenience but it seems that some characters are not handled well in (at least) primus software.
The ATSAS 2.8.0 software is run on Xubuntu 14.04.
Characters like 'č,ž,š' in file names are not always recognized by primus. The files open fine, but when I use the button 'Radius of Gyration' I see an empty Guinier plot (see attachment). The data seems fine just the visualization is missing.
There is no error reported it is just that the points are missing.

Kind regards!
No points drawn.
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Re: Illegal characters in file names - primus

#2 Post by franke » 2017.02.01 22:23

emki wrote:Characters like 'č,ž,š' in file names are [....]
[...] not widely supported and not a good idea in general.

In all generality, it's probably a bug in primus somewhere, but so it is in many other applications out there. It's much easier to stay in the standard ascii character set and not use whitespace, '?' or any other interesting character in your file names then to loose your sanity trying to make everything everywhere work with all the things there are. In case you have a non-english locale, expect more fun as well.

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Re: Illegal characters in file names - primus

#3 Post by ckerr » 2017.02.06 16:54

This problem has been fixed in our development version - the next release of Primus should work with non-ASCII characters.

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