SAXS EMBO Course 2010

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SAXS EMBO Course 2010

#1 Post by Yann » 2010.11.03 17:25

Hi guys,

just to say that I really enjoyed the SAXS course last week!

I already turned towards Hamburg with notebook and sample and praised the almighty SAXSman as Dmitri suggested :-).

I'll be posting a bunch of questions, no doubt, and my colleague and I will give some feedback soon on the Mac-version of ATSAS 2.4.

Keep up the fantastic and highly motivating work you guys are doing! Really impressive!!!

Kind regards,


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#2 Post by AL » 2010.11.04 14:54

Hi Yann,

we are glad you liked the course. You can post your comments and suggestions to the respective thread.
Welcome to the Forum!


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