Choosing right concentrations

Plan your small angle X-ray or neutron scattering measurements
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Choosing right concentrations

#1 Post by oavina24 » 2020.01.25 01:10

Hello Friends

I plan on performing some saxs experiments at my university. We are equipped with a xeuss 2.0 machine with 1.54 angstrom wavelegth.
I plan on measuring Human serum albumin, 65kda in H20 and glyceline and reline. Glyceline is made from 1:2 molar ratio choline chloride and glycerol and reline is 1: molar ratio choline chloride and urea. I plan on mixing somewhere around 20-35% of these mixtures with the rest H20.

I was wondering if there was a way i could calculate what the ideal concentrations?

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