How to export data from any graph to Excel in Primus?

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How to export data from any graph to Excel in Primus?

#1 Post by Mika » 2021.09.12 20:09

In Primus, is it possible to export data from any graph to text file and then to Excel? For example, Kratky plot or Guinier plot. I noticed that distance distribution function can be received from .out file after analysis has been done and saved.

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Creating plots in PRIMUS and in Excel

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The easiest would be to right-click any plot that you see in any PRIMUS window and choose 'Export'. You may need to play with the image size to achieve the desired resolution and point size.
To change the colors and to set the axis titles please right-click the plot and choose 'Configure'.

In PRIMUS you can right-click the data set in the top right panel, then click 'Save As...'
The dat file can be opened in Excel: choose 'All Files (*.*)', then in the Text Import Wizard choose 'Fixed width' and 'Start import at row: 4'; click 'Finish'.
Column A will be q, column B - I(q), column C - err(q).
To make a Kratky plot add a column D with the formula '=A1*A1*B1' and insert a scatter plot (D vs. A). You may need to adjust the axis bounds.
If you need to compare multiple data sets in a Kratky plot, you may want to normalize your data. Do do so, enter the Rg values under 'Ang Scale' and the I(0)-1 under 'I Scale' before clicking 'Save As...' in the top right panel.

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