Bodies - Definition of shapes

Interactive and automated data processing tools (PRIMUS, GNOM, AUTORG).
Scattering from simple bodies (BODIES), peak analysis (PEAK), data plotting (SASPLOT) etc.
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Bodies - Definition of shapes

#1 Post by rasmuskj » 2016.05.11 09:29

Hello Saxier,

I've used bodies to try and approximate my particle by simple shapes. It fits a hollow sphere okay, but in principle I think it would fit a hollow semi-sphere much better (or maybe even a hollow semisphere atop a short hollow cylinder). Is it possible to define your own simple geometric bodies and make bodies refine that to your experimental data?

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custom shapes

#2 Post by AL » 2016.06.13 14:03

BODIES does not allow to define custom shapes. I've heard that the program SASfit (from PSI/BAM) allows that but I haven't used it.

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