Primusqt error

Interactive and automated data processing tools (PRIMUS, GNOM, AUTORG).
Scattering from simple bodies (BODIES), peak analysis (PEAK), data plotting (SASPLOT) etc.
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Primusqt error

#1 Post by jarmiduskova » 2017.04.07 14:25

I installed ATSAS 2.8.0 and run Primusqt
using Windows 8.1 Enterprise

and obtained:

Critical Error:
An error occurred while running 'datgnom'.

In details:
getopt error: unknown option: --first

Is this problem with Windows system?

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Remove old ATSAS before installing a new version

#2 Post by AL » 2017.04.11 15:24

Please remove any existing ATSAS installations before installing a new version.
On Windows 8.1 go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program. Most probably you will see ATSAS 2.8.0 and ATSAS 2.7.2 (or whatever previous version you have). To be on the safe side uninstall all ATSAS versions and install the latest ATSAS again.

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