Merge in Primus

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Merge in Primus

#1 Post by Anna.Sokolova » 2018.08.06 07:40

Good day,
I am using 3.3 version of Primus (a year old, I believe), and noticed the issue:
I need to merge three files, and need to merge them to the certain one (low Q bit, to keep the abs scale right), but the program is choosing the file to which the merging is happening, nearly randomly.
Can you please explain me the logic of the "reference" file selection and advise how to control it?


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merge in primusqt

#2 Post by AL » 2018.08.09 17:20

I guess you mean the "old" primusqw on Windows.
Please download the latest ATSAS version and open your dat files in the "new" primusqt (on Windows it is called "SAS Data Analysis" in the Start menu). The top file will be used as a reference for the 'Merge' and 'Scale' operations (found under the 'Processing' tab, bottom right panel). You may change the order of the files by right-clicking one of them and choosing 'Move Up' or 'Move Down'.

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