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Extracting P(r) to Excel?

Posted: 2018.09.17 10:15
by Jaysm
Dear SAS experts,

I am wondering how I can extract fitting result of P(r) functions to Excel or notepad to reconstruct graphs to publish.

When I opened .out file with notepad as shown in previous forum talks, I could find columns with only 15 rows each.

Attached is one of my .out files.

I appreciate!

incomplete data in gnom.out

Posted: 2018.09.17 13:13
by AL
Your file appears to be corrupt - the actual data are missing. It comes from an older version of GNOM; make sure you have the latest version of ATSAS installed and reprocess your data following these instructions (steps 1-6).

Re: Extracting P(r) to Excel?

Posted: 2018.09.18 11:28
by Jaysm
I appreciate your help!