MW increases while Rg is constant

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MW increases while Rg is constant

#1 Post by cnoell1 » 2021.01.12 18:22

We did a SAXS titration with a range of concentrations for the same sample. We expect our protein to increase in oligomerization at higher concentrations (confirmed with sec mals) and our molecular weights from SAXS do match that, increasing with concentration. However our radius of gyration is pretty constant for all the samples. Is there something wrong or some rationale? Should radius of gyration stay constant while mw changes significantly?

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Re: MW increases while Rg is constant

#2 Post by jans » 2021.09.06 10:48

In principle, Rg is dependent on structure of the particle, so there might be a circumstance, where MW rises, but Rg remains.

In practice, I think the results might also depend on the method you used to determine the MW.

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