Pair distribution function

Small angle scattering software (except ATSAS)
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Pair distribution function

#1 Post by chaudhuri » 2011.05.20 17:23

What is the best way to scale two scattering curves/Kratky plots/P(r) functions for comparison?


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Try Saxsview

#2 Post by AL » 2011.05.24 11:52

You can use Saxsview to scale and plot two or more scattering curves or p(r) functions for comparison. It does not support Kratky plots yet (v 0.2.0).

If you need to scale the scattering pattern and save it as a file you can use DATOP.

You can also use Excel to plot several p(r) functions.

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Re: Pair distribution function

#3 Post by rambor » 2014.06.28 00:39

Kratky plots should be made dimensionless. See Javier Perez's paper from SOLEIL, basically divide I(q) by I(0) and multiply by (q*Rg)^2 with x-axis as q*Rg.

For P(r), typically divide by integrated area of the P(r) distribution, this scales to concentration and volume.

This can be done with a single button in Scatter.

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