Intensity error output

Small angle scattering software (except ATSAS)
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Intensity error output

#1 Post by spark » 2011.11.11 19:54

Dear all, maybe you are in the same situation and you know some advise.

I use mostly fit2d to convert my 2D images to 1D, but it does not output an error for the intensity.
Or does it do this and I am too stupid to get it to do so? :roll:

Anyway, here are my questions:

1. Which programs are available to convert 2D images to 1D where the intensity comes with an error, please?
I am aware of BioXtas Raw but I could not get it compiled on Mac OS X 10.6.7.
My data format is either .BSL or .TIFF

2. If no "general" program is available, what are you doing? Do you ignore the fact that the intensity has an error or do you assume for example sqrt(Intensity) as first guess?

Thanks for the information exchange.

Kind regards

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