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Image size

#1 Post by laura.biology88 » 2016.12.07 13:48

Hi all,

I have some troubles to understand how to convert image pixel size into microns - if possible.
I would like to know how big is the area being imaged by the beam. For example within a montage, I would like to know how big is one of the frames I analysed. Is it something that we can determine? Is it possible?
I know the beam size is 300micronX150micron and it scans every 500microns, how can I use this information to determine how big is an area of interest?

Hope I explained properly my question.
Thank you

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Re: Image size

#2 Post by ckerr » 2016.12.08 12:27

The pixel size is not related to the beam size. If you have some way of accessing the image metadata (how to do this depends on the image format) then hopefully the pixel size will be saved there, otherwise it will at least have the detector make and model, which you can use to look up the pixel size on the manufacturer's website. Or you can just ask the instrument scientist.

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