SCATTER program file format

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han yin
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SCATTER program file format

#1 Post by han yin » 2019.10.11 13:34


I am fairly new to the SCATTER-biosis program and i have been struggling to load some data files.

On the website they said the program accept dat files, however i can only load dat files generated from Diamond Light Source institute. I have some dat files from Anton Paar's instrument and none of it works with SCATTER.

I've tried a colleague's suggestion to first load file in SASView 4.2.2 then save that as a txt, but that hasn't worked for me either.

Does anyone know what could i do to fix this issue?

Many thanks

Edit: I have also included a file format that works and file format that doesnt. Both are .dat files 8 spaces with 3 columns. Any one know why it loads on one but not the other?
Lysozyme file from Anton Paar (doesnt work).dat
(88.1 KiB) Downloaded 136 times
File that works with scatter.dat
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Re: SCATTER program file format

#2 Post by rambor » 2019.12.25 01:03

Hi Han Yin,

I don't regularly read this site, but having looked at your data, the Anton Paar file is nonsense, you have repeated q-values (first column), on top of zeros for error estimates, Scatter rejects it.



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