Photodiode for SAXS and XRD

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Photodiode for SAXS and XRD

#1 Post by SAXSIST » 2015.01.19 16:15

I have successfully tested my read-out & data acquisition electronics for the Moxtek XPIN-XT Detector. I cooled the PIN diode below -30°C and found an energy resolution better than 300eV up to 50k cts/sec.
Right now I am looking for diodes for line-shaped beams, i.e. about 14mm x 2 to 3mm active area. In the past there was a Si-PIN detector out (PF2400, also from Moxtek) which could be used for SAXS and XRD experiments, but is not longer available.
Can anyone help me to find a manufacturer of those PIN or SDD diodes with the above geometry?


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