Mult and Const parameters in MONSA

Ab initio modelling: DAMMIF, DAMMIN, GASBOR, MONSA
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Mult and Const parameters in MONSA

#1 Post by mj » 2021.09.15 17:07

I have a question about the "Mult" and "Const" in the MONSA input file. According to the manual,
"Mult The scattering pattern is multiplied by this factor after constant substraction.
Const Constant substracted to the scattering pattern."

However, I think the scaling factor will be calculated from the simulated and experimental curves at each step during the MONSA run. Then, what is the "Mult" for?
Regarding the "Const", does this mean that during the MONSA run, constant subtraction is not taken into account unlike DAMMIN or DAMMIF ?

I am looking forward to the reply. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Mult and Const parameters in MONSA

#2 Post by SaxsMax » 2021.10.04 10:33

"Mult" is there rather for historical reasons: it lets addition scaling of the output fit files in respect to each other.
The appropriate scaling factor is still applied to fit the computed curve to the experimental one.

"Const" in Monsa is zero by default as unlike Dammin/f the model is not homogeneous.

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