Repeating BUNCH X Number of Times?

Global minimization programs: SASREF, CORAL, BUNCH, GLOBSYMM
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Repeating BUNCH X Number of Times?

#1 Post by cjuark » 2020.07.27 08:40

Saxier community,

Is it possible for me to loop an ATSAS executable, in windows 10, multiple times from the command line? I would like to use a script similar to the example I will paste below. I will run some testing on the scripting, but was wanting some input on optimizing the script or if I'm doing something completely wrong. Thank you!

@echo off
set loopCount=50
start "wherever\bunch\is" <options>
set /a loopCount=%loopCount%-1
if %loopCount%==0 GOTO:EOF
timeout /t 60
taskkill /im bunch.exe
timeout /t 5
GOTO :loop



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Re: Repeating BUNCH X Number of Times?

#2 Post by AL » 2020.08.11 14:35

You should prepare an answer file and feed it to BUNCH in a script.
On Linux, the answer file is usually made with tee.
On Windows, you may create this file manually in a text editor.

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