Matrix colouring for pairwise data comparison

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Matrix colouring for pairwise data comparison

#1 Post by Andrew » 2020.11.24 08:04

I am running ATSAS 3.0.3 on Windows 10. In the Primus data comparison wizard I was doing a pairwise comparison of ~15 datasets. Compared to the previous version of PrimusQt, interpreting the information is much improved. However, I was wondering if it is possible to colour the matrix elements according to the adj. p-value for the CorMap test? Currently, all off-diagonal elements are coloured green, which means I need to interrogate each element separately to see the adj. p-value. It would be fantastic if the elements could be coloured by your choice of statistic.

On a somewhat related topic, when doing a comparison of 2 curves, the old version of PrimusQt allowed switching between the CorMap plot and the delta(Iq)/sig(Iq) plot. However, I can't find the button to do that in the new version. Does that functionality still exist?


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