Issues with RAW installation

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Issues with RAW installation

#1 Post by franklinQ » 2021.01.01 19:11


I am a new user of this ATSAS package. I want to call GNOM from within RAW to do the P(r) calculation. So I first installed RAW. It worked fine. And then I tried to install ATSAS package. I ran into a lot of issue here:
1) I am using Win 8 x64 system. I downloaded the latest 3.03-1 version. When I double click to install, the process stalled at around 30% of progress. I finally found that if I right click on the installer, choose "run as administrator", then I can finish the installation. So that was what I did.
2) Then, I add the installation path to the system PATH.
3) Then, I open the RAW program, click GNOM, then I got a lot of error message, please see the attached word document for the figure.

I have tried different version, different computers. I also have looked into other posts in this forum. Still I could not figure out a solution. Please help. Thank you very much!
ATSAS installation issues.pdf
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Re: Issues with installation

#2 Post by jbhopkins » 2021.01.04 17:09


I'm the developer for RAW. It's not clear to me if this is a RAW issue or an ATSAS issue, but generally speaking for problems with RAW you'll want to post them to the RAW mailing list here:

Anyways, in order to help you troubleshoot, please let me know what version of RAW you're using.

Also, please post the .dat file you're trying to process so I can test it myself.

- Jesse

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