measuring fluid viscosity

Plan your small angle X-ray or neutron scattering measurements
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measuring fluid viscosity

#1 Post by matsmcfly1 » 2021.06.11 07:33

I have never used SAXS in my work before, but I am considering it for a potential experiment. In my very limited knowledge I thought that we might be able to use SAXS to measure the viscosity of a fluid that contained nanoparticles - is there a way that this can be done? If particles of known shape and monodisperse size were used, I assume we can fit the data to obtain the radius of gyration, but from this is it possible to calculate the diffusion coefficient or fluid viscosity?

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Re: measuring fluid viscosity

#2 Post by jans » 2021.09.08 14:24

I dont think, you can get viscosity from SAXS. But Anton Paar have an instrument, which can measure both SAXS and viscosity at the same time: ... xs-in-one/

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