SASBDB for biology and soft matter, May 2022

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SASBDB for biology and soft matter, May 2022

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Database of small-angle scattering data and models for biology and soft matter
SAS_BSOFT online workshop, May 12-13, 2022

Despite the broad use of SAS in soft matter no public repository of data, parameters and models was available so far. The SASBDB framework offered a possibility to also cover the soft matter applications and the recent developments in automation and extensions of SASBDB will be presented and discussed.

For biological depositions, recent improvements of the workflow and further automation of the submission and curation procedures were implemented and a cleanup of the existing SASBDB entries was conducted. For soft matter, requirements for the experimental and meta-data formats were established and possibility was offered to deposit anisotropic (two-dimensional) scattering data. Validation approaches for the experimental data, fits and structural parameters were appropriately enhanced.

These developments were performed in collaboration between the EMBL Hamburg and the Fachhochschule Lübeck, supported by the BMBF grant FKZ 16QK10A SAS_BSOFT. At the workshop, the major recent advances in SASBDB for biological and soft matter depositions, standards and curation will be presented. The directions of further SASBDB maintenance and development will be discussed with the community.

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