Pair distance distribution vs electron density distribution

Small angle scattering software (except ATSAS)
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Pair distance distribution vs electron density distribution

#1 Post by Ciner » 2012.01.21 18:12

Hi, I'm Caner,
I'm using a laboratory type swaxs system. I would like to ask you some question about SAXS analysis. I'll be glad if you help me about this subject.

I am investigating the relation between pair distance distribution and electron density distribution. I can calculate pair distance distribution with Gnom and I would like to transform that to electron density distribution. Can we use any software for this transform, or can we define any simple equation between these two distribution? 

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#2 Post by Hayds » 2012.02.21 08:30

Hi Caner,

the ATSAS package does not have any tools for you to do this, however, Jan Skov Pedersen has an approach in a program called wsDens which will generate a radial-density distribution from the output of WIFT (and in principle GNOM, but I have found that to be tricky).

These packages form part of something called SUPERSAXS but I don't think it is officially released.

Hope it helps!


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