Reference for datporod

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Reference for datporod

#1 Post by Paige » 2012.03.08 21:58

I was wondering if anyone knew how to reference datporod for a publication. Thanks!

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#2 Post by Alex » 2012.03.09 21:41

hi, i think the Ms describing it is being prepared or already submitted. You can either be patient and wait until it is out or cite the paper describing ATSAS package. The paper about latest ATSAS release should appear next week in J. Appl. Crystallography.

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datporod reference

#3 Post by AL » 2014.03.25 17:00

DATPOROD was first described in Petoukhov et al. (2012) New developments in the ATSAS program package for small-angle scattering data analysis. J. Appl. Cryst. 45, p. 344 as AUTOPOROD.
Later it was decoupled from AUTORG and DATGNOM; it is first mentioned as DATPOROD in Franke, Kikhney, and Svergun (2012) Automated Acquisition and Analysis of Small Angle X-ray Scattering Data. Nuc Inst Meth A. 689 p. 57.

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