About the circular average using FIT2D

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About the circular average using FIT2D

#1 Post by HLee » 2012.05.04 21:55

I have been using the FIT2D program to process the 2-D image data of protein solution (TIFF image file with 32 bit signed integer). But this program does not give the error of intensity (or uncertainty of intensity) after the circular average using INTEGRATE or CAKE command.

Is there any way to get the error of intensity from the FIT2D program?
or could you recommend any other data processing programs that give the error of intensity?


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Re: About the circular average using FIT2D

#2 Post by spark » 2012.05.05 15:30

Hi Lee,
no, it simply does not do it. I could not bring fit2d to tell me an error. Why not contacting the autor, maybe he answers you?
He should anyway open the source code so it could be further developed. It is actually quite a powerful program once the manual is read :-) Biggest advantage: Easy to execute via bash.

Sorry, but I think fit2d won't help you. You could try to write something on your own in Matlab or use the tools from the cSAXS beamline and modify them.

It would be nice if you could tell us about your solution.

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