Guidance for SAXS data analysis

Small angle scattering software (except ATSAS)
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Guidance for SAXS data analysis

#1 Post by monica » 2015.05.27 14:46

Hi everyone
Can anyone please suggest me some links or tutorials or manuals that can give an outline of the steps to be followed for SAXS data processing? I have an overall idea of how to proceed but the intricate details, like if i am using Primus, then how should i go for substraction and when should i go for averaging or scaling etc. and what are the parameters need to be tweeked to proceed further. Also how should the data look like after a particular operation etc. I am naive in SAXS data processing so really trying to understand the things. Your help is highly appreciated.


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Re: Guidance for SAXS data analysis

#2 Post by Clausol » 2015.12.09 13:16

I know it's an old post but if you or someone else still need some guidance to overcome the rather steep learning curve for saxs analysis I'll recommend the papers below, the manuals at the ATSAS hompage and this forum ;-)

Synchrotron-based small-angle X-ray scattering of proteins in solution (Skou et al.)

Structural characterization of proteins and complexes using small-angle X-ray solution scattering. (Mertens et al.)

X-ray solution scattering (SAXS) combined with crystallography and computation:defining accurate macromolecular structures, conformations and assemblies in solution (Putnam et al.)


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