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#1 Post by Sonia » 2015.06.29 22:24

Dear Saxs experts,

I have a doubt on p(R) function related to nanocomposites polymers. If one subtract the p(R) function of the neat polymer from the p(R) of the nanocomposite, could it be consider that the p(R) function is describing merely the nanofillers? I mean, could it be considered that the scattering objects are the nanofillers? I searched for papers on this subject without success. I hope someone can help me!! Thank´s in advance.

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Re: p(R)

#2 Post by ckerr » 2015.07.06 15:01

What you get is the scattering from the filler, minus the scattering from the polymer that would have been in the space taken up by the filler, plus any scattering caused by changes in the local structure or density of the polymer near the filler particles.

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