EOM vs MultiFoXS

Linear (OLIGOMER), and non-linear (MIXTURE) analysis, singular value decomposition (SVDPLOT), addition of missing fragments (BUNCH, CORAL), analysis of flexible systems (EOM/RANCH & GAJOE), flexible refinement of high-resolution models (SREFLEX)
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EOM vs MultiFoXS

#1 Post by almeida » 2018.04.17 13:17

Hi all,

I have SEC-SAXS data from my protein, a membrane protein stabilized in detergent. It is composed by a transmembrane domain, a soluble domain and a flexible linker connecting the previous domains. I used EOM to model my data, and I want to use MultiFoXS too, to compare. What's the difference between them? Any suggestion/recommendation?

Thanks in advance

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