ATSAS 2.8.4-1 installation and SASpy PATH errors

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ATSAS 2.8.4-1 installation and SASpy PATH errors

#1 Post by AlanaRC » 2019.09.27 12:13


I am having some installation issues that I am not technically knowledgeable enough to figure out myself. When I install ATSAS (version 2.8.4) I receive an error about exceeding a 1024 character limit (see below image).
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Also when I try to load SASpy in Pymol I get the following error 'ATSAS binaries not found, please install ATSAS and/or update the binary PATH on your ~/pymolrc.pml file'. I am assuming both these issues are connected, I tried looking online for a simple explanation on how to fix the PATH issue but I am struggling to find any clear instruction that I understand.

I am running Windows 10, I have been able to install on this computer previously with no issues so not sure why it isn't working now. If anyone could offer some advice or instructions which are easy to follow for correcting this issue I would really appreciate the help. All I want to do is view my bead models in Pymol so I can include some better images into my thesis.

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Try ATSAS 3.0

#2 Post by AL » 2019.10.31 15:08

Please remove ATSAS 2.8.4, download ATSAS 3.0 and follow these installation instructions.

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