Error running dammif with 'small' data

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Error running dammif with 'small' data

#1 Post by jbhopkins » 2020.01.08 18:38

Hi folks,

I'm using DAMMIF from ATSAS 3.0.0 on MacOS 10.14.6. When I try to run dammif on the attached GNOM .out file in fast mode, I get the following error:
"error: initial shape dimensions too small, check units"

This happens regardless of whether I run it in interactive mode or with command line arguments. It doesn't matter if I specify the unit (Angstrom) or leave it to the default Unknown.

If I do reconstructions in slow mode it starts and seems to run just fine.

If I scale the overall scattering profile intensity by 1000, then regenerate the P(r) with the same Dmax, both modes seem to work.

Does DAMMIF have a minimum cutoff intensity that it needs to run? Or is there something else wrong here?


- Jesse
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